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Time gets limited as technology grows! It simply means that people don’t have time for their family, friends, or even for own self. So, in this regard, everybody is utilizing the hi-tech devices just to stay in touch with their loved ones. In this whole scenario, social media is the most compatible word that uses here. Social media is a phrase that is much viral nowadays than any other thing.

Social media is a widely spread virus and almost every person is infected with it. Although it has, a huge range of branches that are stretched everywhere. No one can stay out of this contagious phenomenon. Social media is a galaxy of almost any website available on the internet.

Whereas, some of the people have made the term social media equal to social networking which is also known as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Other people consider blogs out of the social media category.

It seems like everyone has their own definition of social media, but you can understand the word social media exactly when you dive deeper into this concept.

What is Social Media, Exactly?

Rather than explaining different definitions of social media, let me share a more decent understanding of the term social media.

Let’s start with a breakdown of the term as “Social” and “Media”.

The “Social” Word: It usually explains the interaction that you do with each other, in terms of sharing and receiving information from others.

The “Media” Word: It usually refers to a mechanism of communication, just as the internet (whereas, TV, Newspaper, and radio are more typical forms of media examples).

Overall, the Social media can be defined as a web based communication source that allows the people to make contact with each other by sharing as well as cosuming information.

Social media, in short, is a huge collection of online channels for communication that are committed to community based input, interaction, sharing of content as well as collaboration.

Here is a short list of the most prominent examples of social media:


Facebook is a well-liked website, which is available for free social networking and it enables all the registered users to form their profiles and uploading photos as well as videos along with sending messages to stay in touch with friends , family and their social circle.


It provides free micro-blogging service to the registered members for making short posts available for everyone. These short posts are called tweets. By using multiple platforms and devices, all the Twitter members can show up their tweets along with following tweets of other users.


Another free site, which is made by mutual efforts of a community known as Wikipedians and it contains open content online encyclopedia. Wikipedia was found in 2001 and every registered person can post an article for publication. However, you don’t need any registration for editing articles.

Google +

It was a social networking project of Google, which was designed to imitate the offline method of interaction more carefully as compared to other social networking services. Google+ has no plans for new users to shut down remaining accounts in 2019.


For business community it was specially designed as a social networking site. Registered members of this site are allowed to make and document networks of people they know and trust professionally.


It is a free application available for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone to share photos and videos. With Instagram you can upload photos and videos for sharing with your followers, friends and family. You can view, like, and comment on the posts that are shared by your friends on Instagram. You can use Instagram with your browser or you can get an app installed on your mobile. You have to over 13 years to make a free account by using an email and username.


It is a social news website and forum where you can have socially created stories which are promoted by the site members. Hundreds of sub-communities, which are known as “subreddits” are the basic composition of this site. There is a specific topic for each subreddit such as politics, technology, and music or something else. “Redditors” are the site members of reddit that submit content, which is being voted by other members of the site. The main purpose of doing so is to deliver well-regarded stories to the main thread page of the site.


It is basically a social website for sharing and classifying images that found online. Pinterest needs some short description but it is visual-oriented site. By clicking on the photo, you will be directed to the original source of the image. For instance, when you click on a picture of laptop, you may be redirected to a page, which is made for purchasing laptops.


Snapchat is another mobile app that is used as social media for Android and iOS devices. Co founder Evan Spiegel is the head of Snapchat. One of the core ideas of Snapchat is that whenever you share any photo or video, the receiver can have access to it for only a shorter period before it becomes inaccessible, by default. To encourage a more natural flow of interaction this short-lived nature of the app was designed.

Most Common Features of Social Media

Here is a list of the most common features of a social media site. If you need to know whether a specific site could be classified as social or not then you can go through at least one of these features.

Personal User Accounts

When a site allows you to make your account and you can log in to those accounts then consider that as a first sign that might be used for some kind of user-based interaction or social interaction perhaps. Although you can share your information or can interact with anybody online, to create some kind of user account is more common and standard thing.

Profile Pages

Ever since social media is about communication, profile page is important that can help you to grow your brand as an individual and it allows enough space to grow yourself as well. Your personal profile page includes information about your bio, website, feed or current posts, recent activity, recommendations along with a profile photo and much more.

Friends, Groups, Followers, Hashtags etc

Accounts are used to connect with other users and you can also use them to subscribe some definite form of information.

News Feed

The information that users share while connecting on social media is updated for them in real time by using their news feeds.


You have flexibility while using social media sites to configure your settings, organize your friends and followers, customize your profiles to present in a specific way, manage the information that you see in your news feed and provide feedback about what you want to see and what you want to hide.


Any site or application that allows their users to receive notifications about some random or specific information is playing a social media game for sure. All the users have full control over managing these notifications and you can select what type of notifications you want to receive.

Information Updating, Saving, or Posting

If any site that allows you to post anything you wants, with or without having a user account then you can consider it social! Your post can be a simple text based contents, a photo, any YouTube video, a link of an article or any other site.

Like Buttons and Comment Section

While communicating on social media, two of the methods are mostly used for interaction such as buttons that represent a ‘like’ and ‘comment’ section. By using these methods you can share your thoughts and information to other users.

Review, Rating, or Voting Systems

Other than liking and commenting, plenty of social media sites and apps depend upon shared effort of the community to make reviews, rating, and voting on provided information that you have used. You can resemble these features with some of your favorite shopping sites or any movie review site may be.

Future of Social Media

Well, to predict anything exactly about social media future, it is not worthwhile, but if a single line required for the future of social media, it can be less noisy and more personalized. Over sharing and filtering out unwanted information can be a stronger trend of social media.

Snapchat is at the front position of social media evolution as it is a social media platform. Instead of blasting out updates for all of our friends and followers, we use Snapchat more alike we communicate in real life, with some particular people only at specific times. For the stories feature of Snapchat, other major social media networks like Facebook and Instagram have been inspired and added this feature into their platform. It allows them to share quick photos and videos to be visible for only 24 hours.

Other big social networks like Instagram and Facebook have also taken inspiration from Snapchat for its stories feature, integrating nearly identical features into their own platforms so users have the opportunity to share quick photos or short videos that are only available to view for 24 hours.

Instagram: A Major Social Media Platform

A variety of social media platforms are on our fingertips including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, etc. All of the platforms give us an opportunity to share photos, videos, and other variety of content with our friends and family. Although, every social media platform is different than the rest. However, each one of them shares a similar purpose of being presentable in front of the world. Instagram is best among all of the other platforms. Instagram has lots of features that make this platform vulnerable to drag audience from other platforms as well. We have access to many features of Instagram social media platform. However, these features are not accessible with other platforms

Instagram can be considered as a combination of Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter. You will experience sharing photos and videos, adding snaps to your Instagram stories, and adding droll captions. You can post comments, hit likes, or even follow your close fellows. Instagram has everything that any social media platform supposes to have; unfortunately, you cannot download Instagram photos or videos from the platform directly. For this reason people tend to search for the best ways of how to download Instagram videos and photos into their devices and systems. Well, it’s a whole chapter that you are going to know about it next.